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directed by=Shawn Levy
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m4ufree Real Steel 2011 Full Movie Free Download MV5BMjEzMzEzNjg0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzg4NDk0Ng@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,629,1000_AL_
Stars=Anthony Mackie

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IMHO, this movie was really awesome. Although there are some movie about robot (eg. Transformers, Iron Man, etc) this movie give new story about it.
For me, it’s kind of my dreams come true. When someday we can have gadgets with touch screen and transparent board, when we can move something just with voice recognition. I’m one of gadget freaks :D
In the story side, the funny side was entertaining. And it’s really nice when drama take apart too in this action movie. The idea of robot boxing was great either.
That’s my review. Hopefully you guys watch it this movie. *PS: really sorry about my bad Englis :D .

This movie is amazing and i liked it show much. Great Performance by Jackman. Really loved it and Exciting movie. Really perfect cast,perfect script,perfect direction,and perfect acting is one of the best strengths of this movie. It is excellent. Extra credits should be given to Hugh Jackman and Dakota narration, excellent script, effects are super and state of the art robots are amazing,so good you are not sure when it is them or special of Action, good acting, suspense, thrill, emotions, good for kids too, unlike transformers which has humor. and the lead female is Aamzing! Meand My girlfriend Loved it. I got reward by my girlfriend for this movie. Thanks Huge and Company. Thanks To Real Steel.
Real Steel is always doing the bare minimum to obese its viewers. Everything in this film is bland, boring, and painfully uninspired. Movies are meant to provide experiences not forgettable adventures. Everything in the movie is so average that you can not feel anything. Boring is the best way to describe Real Steel.

I saw this movie last night (7/9/11) I highly doubted I would enjoy this movie at all, but it proved me wrong. Don’t get me wrong this certainly isn’t the best movie ever, the best movie about boxing ever, it’s not even Hugh Jackman’s best movie. The story heavily borrowed from other movies such as Rocky, especially down to the ending. The movie had a basic story, but some kind of magical element to it, like the children’s movies us in our 20′s watched back in the late 80′s and early 1990′s. I remember seeing the previews for this movie, and couldn’t get over the fact that it was going to be terrible, but like the small, under powered robot, ATOM the main emphasis of the movie, it surprised me and delivered. I may not see this movie again, but I will remember it as a solid, well put together fill because of the spirit and work put into it’s writing, acting and special effects. There was a lot of visual things to look for, especially product placements of the future, Xbox 720 caught my eye during the final fight against the champion Zeus. References from Rocky I picked up: A down on his luck boxer gets the chance of a lifetime, The Champion is named after a God (Apollo in Rocky and Zeus in Real Steel)It borrowed elements from other stories like the robot was configured and put together again in the film, a comparison and observation I do not think was intended for us to realize, more of a coincidence.


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